Shaft warranty provision

About the shaft warranty

A warranty card is required in the event that our product fails due to normal use in accordance with the precautions in the instruction manual.
In the event of a failure, please contact the dealer responsible for assembly from where you purchased the product, together with the warranty card.
We guarantee it for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Please note that if there is an omission in the required items, it will not be covered by the warranty.
*We will not reissue the warranty card, so please keep it in a safe place so as not to lose it.

Warranty provision

If the customer uses the product under normal conditions according to the notes in the instruction manual,
Limited to products that have failed due to shaft defects caused by manufacturing problems.
Please note that the product warranty does not apply in the following cases even during the warranty period.

○ When it is recognized that the failure was caused by use other than playing golf ○ When reuse (reuse) is recognized ○ When the warranty is not presented ○ If the product has been disassembled or modified ○ Any of the following failures or damage that occurred after purchase
○ Fires, natural disasters (earthquakes, wind and flood damage, lightning strikes, etc.)

About shaft assembly

When cutting the tip of the shaft, cut within the specified length.
Cutting longer than the specified length may cause breakage.
Do not remove the attached shaft and use it again.
It may deteriorate due to the heat and force when pulling out the shaft, and may not maintain its original strength and performance.
When assembling a carbon shaft, do not scrape anything other than the coating on the shaft.
Scraping the carbon layer may cause the shaft to break.
Please use the club after confirming that it is suitable for your physical strength and skill.

About the handling of the shaft

Please use the club after confirming that it is suitable for your physical strength and skill.
Before using the golf club, be sure to check that there are no abnormalities in each part.
Do not apply excessive force or twist to check the stiffness or tone of the shaft.
In the unlikely event that the golf club is damaged, please handle it with care.
In particular, the fibers of the carbon shaft are easily stuck in the body, so please do not touch the area near the crease with your fingers.

Regarding shaft reuse

The heat generated when extracting the shaft may affect the material and structure of the shaft, which may lead to a decrease in strength.
As a result, it is thought that the original safety and usability confirmed at the time of design and manufacturing are impaired.
Reuse of the shaft is not the intended usage, and reuse may impair performance.
Any damage caused by the reuse of the shaft shall be borne by the vendor who sold and assembled the shaft. If you purchase the shaft with the understanding that it is a reused shaft, you will bear that risk. There is also a view that the person should bear the cost, so please be careful when purchasing.

Return policy

We will only accept returns of products if we are notified within 8 days of placing the order.